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Series of exercises estimating the performance of the following cognitive capacities: Memory, attention, language, executive functions, visuo-spatial, interaction between functions

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Mental Gym, proud partner of the world’s highest regarded neuroscientists in the field of intellectual training.

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Anne-Marie Giroux, Neurotherapist

Anne-Marie Giroux, Neurotherapist

Specialized for more than 10 years with the young people, I help children to make a success of their school and personal progress by offering them a unique program with the approach of the neurofeedback. I equip people directly by teaching them to control their attention and their motor functions. Nothing is too much: ADD, ADHD, AD, dyslexia, dysorthographia... We train together for better results!

Marie-Claude Harvey, Neuropsychologist

Marie-Claude Harvey, Neuropsychologist

Member of the order of the Psychologists of Quebec since 1993, I practise evaluations for purposes of diagnosis and re-education with various clienteles, young people, teenagers and adults. Specialized in the cases of cranial trauma as well as for pervasive development disorders, I act as expert devoted and tuned to the others.

Marie-Claude Béliveau, Remedial educator and psychoeducation

Marie-Claude Béliveau, Remedial educator and psychoeducation

Specialist in evaluation of children and teenagers presenting school difficulties (learning, adaptation, behavior), I specifically deal with the identification of the nature of the problems presented by the child or the teenager. My double-training (remedial educator and psychoeducation) coupled with 30 years of experience with the program of child psychiatry of the Sainte-Justine’s hospital (CHU) allows me to accurately determine the present emotional, cognitive and educational difficulties. Empathic and attentive, I use standardized tests as well as clinical approach of interviews and situation scenarios to try to establish the nature of the school problems in play! Besides my practice, I am also an author of several books in the Parents collection of the CHU Sainte-Justine, in particular "J'ai mal à l'école" (I have pain in the school), "Au retour de l'école" (Back from school) and "Dyslexie et autres maux d'école" (Dyslexia and other school’s troubles).

Present in several schools in Quebec

The solution answering the request of the specialists to update the academic tools.

The sessions of cognitive training allows the pupils to update their intellectual potential. The exercises are adapted at the level of the pupil and are very diversified. Moreover, Mrs. Anne-Marie Giroux teaches the pupils strategies to study better and to control their stress during exams.

Manon Lanoue, Deputy director Saint-Nom-De Marie boarding school

The extracurricular Mental Gym activity should be a compulsory course for the pupils of secondary V.

Secondary V student and member of Mental Gym
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