Cognitive Capacities


There are several sorts of memory:

  • Working memory: The most problematic memory for the ADD.
  • Short-term memory: At this stage, if the information is not well retained, she will not reach the long-term memory.
  • Long-term memory: Infinite storage, but oversights are possible, hence the importance to train one’s memory.


The attention is complex and fluctuating and can be released during the same activity. It is the selection and the preservation in a aware way of an outside event (sound, image, smell…) or inside (thought).

Several forms of attention exists: the state of alert, the voluntary, selective and “shared way”.

The main factors for the attention decrease:

  • Attention deficit disorder (ADD/ADHD)
  • Age
  • Stress
  • Alcohol
  • Fatigue


It is comprehension of the oral and written, essential to the human being, involved in the deductive and inductive reasoning to extract a sense from it.

The processes involving the language allows to:

  • Better communicate
  • Analyze the words and their senses
  • Improve the deductions, the inferences
  • Understand texts (read and heard)
  • Organize one’s verbal and written ideas

The three main types of reasoning:

  • Inferential: a problem which was never met.
  • Analog: the re-use of a solution in front of a similar problem.
  • Automatic: recurrence of behavior in familiar situations (automatism).


It is what allows to orient oneself in space, to perceive objects or to imagine mentally an object physically absent. It is a mental mapping of things.

Involved in: mental imaging, dreams, thought, solving problems, mental calculus, anticipation of the events, memorization, verbal understanding, reasoning, recognition of objects presented differently.

Interaction between functions

The cognitive functions are interconnected and a single task can call upon several of them.

The playful applications allow to maximize the communication and thus the response time.
Eg. To find back one’s vehicle in a car park can implie attention, the visuo-spatial function and the memory.